Laminate 12mm AC4 – Misty Oak (GELE1204)

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Laminate Flooring is a multi-layer flooring product composed of a High Density Fiber (HDF) Board that simulates the look of wood using a lamination process, where there is a photographic applique layer under a wear-resistant overlay.


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Benefits of HDF Laminate 12mm AC4

Environmental Friendly

We used very few raw materials in the manufacturing process of Laminate, despite their wood-looking appearance. Through the use of high-definition photographs, laminate can transform your home into your dream while still remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Laminate has superior abrasion, scratch & impact resistance, colorfast (anti-fade) & anti-static properties.

Climatic Suitability

Laminate flooring is an extremely versatile flooring product. It can be installed in most rooms in your home, over wood or concrete. Though this is the case, there are several locations where we do not recommend laminate flooring. As laminate is a wood-based product, it is not recommended to be installed in wet locations such as bathrooms, washrooms, saunas, enclosed porches, and verandas, or anywhere that may come in contact with water.


Unbeatable price and performance compared to traditional hardwood floors. Great value for money with long-term cost saving making it the ideal choice for your flooring solution.

Style & Variety

Available in a large range of colours, allowing you to find the ideal floor for your home.


Produced under strict European standards. Similar to natural wooden flooring, laminate is comfortable under the feet.

Easy to Maintain

Laminate will stay looking like the day you laid it for many years as it’s low maintenance and easy to care for therefore, there’s no need to wax, polish nor sand.

8mm range and 12mm range
The 12mm range is an AC5 grade floor that will be a wonderful addition to your home. Made from materials of the highest quality, this range has a large variety of colours for you to choose from.

Additional information

Abrasion Class


Formaldehyde Rating


Installation Method


Slip Test



Misty Oak


12 x 235 x 2250mm

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