Luxury Vinyl Plank


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Luxury vinyl floor plank are heavy commercial graded, highly durable and 100% water resistant

AC5 Heavy Commercial graded 100% water resistant
Easy maintenance
Great for kitchen, bathroom, high traffic areas and retail stores


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Benefits of Vinyl

This vinyl product can be used in a variety of domestic applications such as for the kitchen, laundry and commercial applications as it is commercially graded with a 0.5mm wear layer and highly durable with a slip rating of R10 or P3.
Cleaning the Luxury Vinyl is effortless as you will be able to use your conventional mop and vacuum. As it is 100% water resistant, it will not warp or harbor mould, even under the most humid Australian weather.
GE’s Luxury Vinyl has a micro bevelled edge on top and an inverted bevel edge on the back for better glue adhesion.
It is produced from non-recyclable material that is 10.3kg/m2. The fibre glass core has thinner particles with a thicker mesh that provides more stability.

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Installation Method

Loose Lay

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