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Porcelain Tiles Brisbane

Go To Flooring is proud to stock a wide range of high-quality porcelain tiles. Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing space or build a new one from scratch, our range of porcelain tiles are an aesthetically beautiful floor and wall covering that will undoubtedly add value to your home or workspace. A cousin of the traditional ceramic tile, porcelain tiles have the same basic ingredients but are fired at a higher temperature. This process means that often, porcelain tiles come in the same thickness as their ceramic counterparts but weigh a greater amount. In the case of porcelain flooring solutions, with great weight comes great durability. The density of porcelain tiles is evidence of fewer air pockets, which translates to mean a longer lifespan, and a greater resistance to the wear-and-tear that comes over time.

While porcelain tiles are not completely waterproof, they are extremely water resistant. Their resistance to moisture makes them easy to clean and ensures that when cared for correctly, your porcelain-tiled floors and walls will look beautiful well into the future.

The remarkable durability is considered to be extra special in the case of porcelain tiles. This is because porcelain flooring manages to perfectly marry both paramount longevity with aesthetic beauty – a combination that isn’t always possible with alternative flooring means. The luxe aesthetic of a room adorned with porcelain tiles is truly a site to behold. Stunning to see, and beautiful to the touch – Go To Flooring can bring luxury into your every day with the embodiment of beauty and strength.