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Cold Pressed Bamboo Flooring Brisbane

Distinctive in its design and with a raw ecologically friendly quality, cold pressed bamboo flooring is a popular trend amongst builders and architects alike. Go To Flooring have worked hard to provide customers with the most competitive and affordable bamboo flooring prices available in Brisbane and across Australia, for superior flooring everyone can afford

Available exclusively to you at Brisbane’s best bamboo flooring prices, our cold pressed bamboo flooring is carefully manufactured by the premium bamboo material being pressed into shape at room temperature. It is then baked and cured for a long period of time for stability, far longer than hot pressed bamboo. The long compression and curing time allows cold pressed bamboo to have seamless density, colour and moisture content, for a long lasting floor that will ensure all life has to offer.

Talk to our Go To Flooring team today to talk about your new home or build, or start shopping below to uncover Brisbane’s best bamboo flooring prices, and the durability and beauty of cold pressed bamboo flooring

14mm Solid Bamboo