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Bamboo Flooring Brisbane

With its distinct characteristics and environmentally friendly qualities, natural material like bamboo has become a popular and trending flooring product for building and construction in modern times. Go To Flooring proudly supplies premium quality bamboo flooring across Brisbane, at industry competitive prices. Featuring the ever-popular cold pressed bamboo flooring 12mm and 14mm, and engineered bamboo flooring in a range of materials and finishes for a look to suit any home or building

Stocking two distinctly different types of bamboo flooring in Brisbane in a range of colours, Go To Flooring can offer customers the freedom and range to make a choice that you’re confident in. Our cold pressed solid bamboo flooring 12mm and 14mm is made by raw bamboo material being pressed into shape at room temperature and left to acclimatise for a long period of time to suit the Australian climate. The long and consistent compression allows for the bamboo to be 1050kgs/m3, denser than many Australian timber species. The unique colour variation and grains gives the cold pressed solid bamboo flooring a truly beautiful finish.

In contrast, our engineered bamboo flooring consists of 7 multi-directional layers of plywood under a top layer of beautiful bamboo veneer and covered with 12 layers of German protective coating. Engineered bamboo flooring is renowned for its natural beauty and stability and adds crucial value to any property.

Discover the beauty, durability and timeless style of bamboo flooring in your Brisbane homeContact the team at Go To Flooring today to discuss your project or start your free quote below today.

Cold Pressed Bamboo Flooring